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 Cleveland Inferno is a nonprofit organization. There are very specific state and federal laws governing nonprofit organizations and monies raised by these organizations.  Please note that any money raised under the Cleveland Inferno nonprofit organization must stay within the organization.   If you leave the club any monies not used by you are retained by the club for “the benefit of the organization” per these laws.  We cannot write an individual a check for monies raised through fundraising if you leave the club, cannot play due to injury or illness, etc.  Also please note that all fundraising money must be turned into the Cleveland Inferno, laws prohibit raising money under the Inferno name and keeping these profits for your personal use.


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Hiram 2017 Women’s Prospect Clinic

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2017 Women’s Soccer Prospect Clinic
Conducted by Hiram College Coaching Staff

Monday, February 20th Presidents Day
Registration Deadline, February 13th

Price: $85.00
Registration received after February 13th will be $100

Freshman – Sophomores – Juniors – Seniors
8:30am Check-In
9am-11:00am Technical Sessions
11am-12:00pm Lunch
12:15pm-2:15pm Tactical Sessions
2:15pm-2:30pm Closing Comments

For Complete Flyer and Registration Form, Click Here

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