What people are saying about Inferno!

Since faith has joined the team her confidence has grown week after week.  She has soccer on the brain 24 hours a day and loves to come to practice.  Her skills continue to improve every practice and she looks forward to game day. The coaching staff has been excellent and treats all the girls with respect.  It is also great to see that the parents on the team encourage everybody vs just their own kid.  Overall we are very satisfied with the club.

Great to see you work the girls hard at there practice tonight!!!!

The Diffenbachers

Worth the drive

The idea of driving 45 minutes for a soccer club after driving 50 minutes home from work made my head hurt until I see how happy my daughter is.  She continues to develop, working harder than ever before and growing as a soccer player and a person.  The clubs focus on physical conditioning, team play and encouragement have been a winning ticket for us.  My daughter’s dreams of playing College ball are looking more likely every day.

Sandy Gilbert

I do want to make mention of how happy we are with the move to the Cleveland Inferno.  (Not just because of the drawing).  I have seen improvement in Andrea’s level of play and confidence since joining the team, not to mention the return for her love of the sport.  She has played on two other premier teams in her six year playing career and this is by far the best fit for her.  Our displeasure with her other teams revolved around coaching style and consistency in coaches.  Jim and his staff work in a very methodical, calm and reassuring way giving players the opportunity to play comfortably without fear of failure.  Andrea’s goal is to play in high school and college and I think the Inferno will be her best runway to both.  Thanks for creating such a terrific program.

 Frank Spinelli

I love being on the Cleveland Inferno team because the coaches care more about me as player and improving my game than winning. Do not get me wrong, we all like winning, but in the end we do better because with improved skills and learning how to be a team player we usually come out as winners anyway.

Kate Anderson

We have been playing soccer with Coach Jim and Coach Mike for 3 years. Both of our daughters have grown tremendously with their guidance and coaching.  We are glad to be with an all-girls club as it allows the coaching staff of the Cleveland Inferno to strategically train girls to their athletic abilities.  Playing for the Inferno is the right choice for our daughters! 

Brad & Julie Pfaff

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Jim Toth for over seven years on several different levels as a fellow coach, foot skills instructor, and supervisor.   With his coaching and player experience, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge to all his training sessions.  As a fellow coach, I have had the pleasure to coach with him and observe his training sessions.  His sessions are well organized and structured to get the most out of his players during each and every session.  His knowledge of the game of soccer is displayed in his ability to change practice plans in a moment’s notice in order to make a practice more productive.  Jim has earned the respect from his opposing coaches, parents, and most importantly his players.  He has mastered the ability to teach the game of soccer, while also teaching the love of the game to his players.    

As a foot skills instructor, I have to say there is no one that I have witnessed conduct a foot skills session better than Jim.  With his international experience as a young player, he was exposed to several different coaching styles and has incorporated them into his training sessions – whether it is a foot skills session or a team training session.  After observing players take the foot skills session with him, you notice not only a difference in their ability but more importantly their confidence to pull of the newly acquired skill.

As a supervisor, he is a fair and honest businessman which always makes work more enjoyable.  He is always the first one to step in and assist when needed, and more importantly he knows when he should step back and observe.  He has confidence in all his coaches, which translates into the players and parents having confidence in the entire coaching staff. 

Over the past 10 years I have worked with several coaches and feel that Jim Toth is one of the more knowledgeable and respected coaches coaching the game of soccer today. 

Mike Cracas
Women’s Head Soccer Coach Hiram College